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hey guys, so i got my new diva cup size 1 in the mail and decided to try it on today(on day 3 ). I've been wearing tampons for probably the past 4-5 years so insertion of foreign objects isnt anything new and im not a virgin, no children...

so insertion was kinda okay not as scary as anticipated as the cup looked huge! i did the punch down method.
one thing i experienced was that when i thought it was inserted properly, the stem was just maybe half and inch inside the opening of my v.
i tried on at home and was sitting down most of the time, couldnt really feel it inside.
but when i walked to my balcony (maybe 10 or 15 steps away) i could actually feel it. it felt like it was about to fall out and i could feel the stem kind poking out at the opening. this is the exact feeling i get whenever my tampon is super soaked and not inserted properly.

i've tried removing and reinserting in, making sure it goes in enough, but whenever i stand up i can feel it within 10secs.

am i supposed to keep it up there using my PC muscles? i cant feel it when i use the muscles but whenever i relax i can totally feel it !

i hope someone has experienced it and can give me some of your advice...
i was thinking if it might be too big for me since i've read somewhere that diva is one of the bigger ones..
maybe i should get a fleurcup but i really want to give this a few tries though i doubt i will dare to wear this out in public for fear that it might just slip out.

**EDIT** i trimmed off half of the stem and it works!! dont feel it anymore!! i love my menstrual cup!
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on May 8th, 2014 03:54 pm (UTC)
The Diva is one of the longest brands of cups and it is too long for some (including me.) Despite what the instructions say to wear it down low, give it a boost up. All the way. Give it 10-20 minutes. Stand up, sit down, squat, bend, etc -- and if it still feels too long, take it out, flip it inside out to shorten it and then try again.

It is perfectly OK to wear it inside out if it works better for you that way. Once you get past the "dreaded learning curve," figure out what you like and don't about your Diva and then use the comparative charts at http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/ (or any of the others at the Community FAQ) to decide whether or not you'd like a different cup that might fit/suit you better.
helloagainnn on May 9th, 2014 10:44 am (UTC)
hey there thanks for your suggestion! i tried the inside out but i kinda freaked out as in was way inside, i was worried i couldnt get it out the next time so i took it out immediately... trimming the stem worked for me thank goodness!(: