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More questions!

Okay, I took the plunge and found my cervix. I really don't know why I was so squeamish about it. Not having my period yet, but I figured I'd get a ballpark so I know where to look. Now I understand why my Pap smears have always been so uncomfortable! My cervix is pretty low, and I felt it easily with my middle finger only up to my knuckle (about 2"). And it is WAY off to the right. There is a lot of extra space off to the left, and, honestly, I really have no clue. Why don't they teach these things in school?!

So now, knowing that I have a low cervix, I can make it much more informed decision about my first cup. Although, how much will it shift during my period? It named move higher, but with my entire uterus shift to be more center? Somehow I doubt it :)

I also understand now why I can feel the gush during my. And there it is. It really doesn't have far to travel :) And why tampons were always so uncomfortable.
Now that I've stuck my fingers up there, I'm worried that things would travel past my cervix off to the left where there is so much more space. How difficult will it be to get a cup to position itself properly over my cervix? And now I'm even more interested in the femmycycle, because apparently it doesn't have to be suctioned over your cervix to work properly.
Tags: cervix position, tilted uterus

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