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Okay, I got my period again and for the first time ever used my cup for an extended amount of time. Insertion is no longer a too-difficult affair for me so yay! I might actually be able to use this thing regularly soon...

But removal IS. A. FREAKING. PAIN.

Well, not a pain per-se, it's actually not that painful, but it's extremely TEDIOUS. How do you people do it? I can easily feel the bottom of cup with my index finger just fine, but I can only insert my index finger and thumb both in far enough to grab the stem, and even then, only the very tip of it. My removal process has basically been me bearing down and tugging onto the stem until it's close enough to my pubic bone that I can grab the base and pull it out - and I have to be fast otherwise I either accidentally let go and it just moves right back up. There is pain, but it's only because I have to try so many times to grab the thing that my fingers start chafing my vagina. My fingers are sore now from trying so much -_-'. I'm getting scared too that I have to rely so much on the stem - there's actually a small weak spot a few millimeters down the stem and if that snaps/weakens further and i have to cut it off, I'm afraid I'll have an even harder time. I don't understand how people can remove it either just sitting down or without a stem. Am I doing something wrong?
★Raven: [AnMng] OHSHC // Twins.Chucklemoonrise on May 4th, 2014 09:11 pm (UTC)
I actually remove mine with a spoon often, just because I was using the wrong sized cup, but getting over my curve with it. I never had to empty it when I wasn't home, so it just worked for me. My cup just sits too high for me to grab it and when I do, it slides out of my fingers. The stem is basically useless to me.
skysosskysos on May 5th, 2014 03:30 am (UTC)
Hmm, you say "I can only insert my index finger and thumb both in far enough to grab the stem". Are you sure about that? I don't know how, uh, familiar you are with things down there, but I know that I was surprised to realize just how stretchy things are down there. Try working either your thumb or your index finger up the side, while the other one stays on the stem. That ought to be enough to break the seal, get a reasonable grip, and wiggle it out.

And don't worry! Pretty much everyone has a little trouble at first. You are doing fine and will get it!!
tempestas_inu: ohhhhhh shittempestas_inu on May 6th, 2014 08:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know that the vagina is able to stretch enough to have a baby, so in theory I SHOULD, but it's like my hand anatomy won't allow for it, or my pubic bone maybe (my pubic bone often feels in the way). I don't know how to get a finger in deep enough to actually grab the thing, all I can do is poke at it (which may just shove it up even more... I think I have a high cervix because I've never found mine before). Next time I'll definitely try to wiggle a finger in the side of it - Actually, I think I might be pulling it out without breaking the suction which may explain why when I tug at it it just goes right back.