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02 May 2014 @ 10:18 am
Hello everyone! I've been reading so many posts on this very helpful community as I've started using my menstrual cup, and I'm so glad this place exists!

Unfortunately, I'm still having some problems. I'm 20, virgin, using a small lunette cup. The learning curve has been tough on me. I never used tampons or anything, and my vagina was not used to having anything up there. Two cycles ago, I couldn't get the thing in at all, there was some bleeding, I'm guessing my hymen broke. Next cycle I got it in, woo! I wore it for about two days, but it was pretty uncomfortable, to the point when I switched back to pads for the rest of the cycle. I just got my period again yesterday and tried with the cup again, but the same problems are happening, so I decided to come here, because I must be doing something wrong.

First of all, my cervix is really low, so I know I have to get it sort of inside the cup, but I'm not sure if that's happening. I use the punch down folding method, and I do have trouble opening it sometimes, but I think it does open and seal sometimes, too. It does leak, though. Not tons, but enough that I know something isn't working.

Here's my main problem: I can always feel it. I know you're not supposed to be able to tell it's there, really, if you've got it in correctly, but I am always very aware of its presence. Sometimes I feel like it's going to fall out, or a lot of times it feels like I need to pee when I don't. I can especially feel it when I sit down, and it just feel super awkward and uncomfortable.

I would love to keep this cup and not have to buy another, but this is really getting to me. I don't want to keep using pads, but they're so much easier! Any help for where my positioning might be going wrong?
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sunnybeebop on May 2nd, 2014 04:38 pm (UTC)
Silicone friendly lubricant is a good way to go if you are having trouble with insertion. :)

As for the positioning....not too sure. If you can feel it when you are sitting down it makes me think maybe the cup is not inserted far enough? Sometimes I can feel my Diva cup when sitting because of its length- since then I have trimmed the stem completely off and very rarely feel it. Is the stem on your lunette still in tact? If removal isn't an issue I'd recommend trimming a little off, and see if it helps. If you find you don't need it much for removal, removing it completely could help. You could also turn it inside-out to make it shorter. - But this can make things slightly more difficult/slippery for removal.

It could be that you just need a softer cup, if the lunette makes you feel like you have to pee...could be pressing on your bladder...BUT I'd recommend getting over the learning curve with your lunette before you go and buy another. That way you'll know what you need.

I'd say, try a few different folds, use lube! Try different positionings...push it further up, open it lower down.. try pointing it towards your cervix during insertion... and maybe try trimming the stem?

Hope you are able to figure things out :)

Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on May 3rd, 2014 01:45 pm (UTC)
Ya know how when you buy a pair of shoes that are the right size but they never quite break in and become comfortable? I think that's what is going on with your Lunette. Compare its dimensions to other cups at http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/ or any of the other size charts at the Community FAQ and then also look at pictures to compare their shapes. Your Lunette has a fairly pointy base. Would a blunt-based cup suit you better? mc_sales is a good place to buy, sell and trade gently used cups that didn't fit as well as expected.