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Large LuvUrBody review

Hi people

So I finally got around to write a little review about the LuvUrBody cup. A couple of months ago I bought a large LuvUrBody cup in the hopes that it might give me the extra capacity I wanted. I have a problem with a dangly cervix, so every cup I wear ends up leaking when it is only a little over half full. Very annoying... Enter the large LuvUrBody cup, the highest capacity cup on the market with room for a whooping 34.5ml. I bought the large one because I was afraid the medium one would be to long for me. The medium is actually longer than the large one! It`s just a bit narrower than the large. Here are the measurements from the companies website:

Cup Dimensions:






Leaf Stem Length



Cup Capacity



Cup Length



I don`t actually have a super high cervix. It`s medium high I think? I can just reach it with my middle finger. It`s just that no matter what I do all my cups loves to ride really high and basically swallows my dangly cervix.
Maybe that`s why I didn`t really find the cup too long
.The leaf was just about poking out, but it was so soft that it didn`t bother me at all and I just left it there. Btw, I have not have any children, nor am I sexually active. Despite this I have never felt any difficulty using the large cups (beside the first OMG! That thing is huge and there`s now way it`l ever fit up there! - reaction). Just relax and you`d be amazed at what fits up there.

The cup itself is quite pretty with flower patterns all over the cup and measurement lines inside. The measure lines are definitely a pluss. Personally I didn`t like the flower patterns. Yes, they were pretty to look at, but I found myself missing the smoothness of the fleurcup when checking that it had opened fully by inserting a finger and swirling it around the cup.The patterns kinda got in the way if you get what I mean. Getting it to open was a wee bit more difficult than my large fleurcup (it is very large after all!) and it was one time that I had to give up and try again the next day. But that`s just normal starter difficulties with a new cup I think. The cup started to leak when it about a bit over half full to three quarter full. It gave me bit more wear time than my large fleucup. Something I definitely missed when taking it out was grip rings like on the fleurcups. The flower patterns just doesn`t cut it.

All in all it is a good cup with high capacity. It is not my goldilocks cup, for that it is just to big and cumbersome. Maybe I will become more used to it along the way and come to like it better, but I think for now I`ll reserve it for the day of my cycle when I shed the most blood and stick to my fleurcups for the rest of the days.

A while ago I posted some comparison pictures of the large LuvUrBody cup. The link to the post is here:

Hope this will be of help to someone.

Ps. Sorry for the different text size. I have no idea what happened.
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