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Hey All,

Left my cup in for about 16 hrs out a laziness.... now it smells kinda sour. Not terrible, but it bothers me. Its a lrg sckoon, and it has always had a weird kinda..rubbery/factory smell. But this is different.

Read through a few of the tags that deal with smell, so far I've tried, washing multiple times, airing it out (its been about a week) and a soak in peroxide and a bit of baking soda for about 5 hrs. I'm a little paranoid about the peroxide damaging my cup or degrading prematurely, so I opted for a shorter amnt of time for soaking. I also swished it in lemon juice. (I have these packets of lemon powder you dissolve in water, all natural organic lemon powder) That seemed to work great- but the smell returned.... I didn't leave it too long in there because I wasn't sure if lemon would damage the silicone! I'm just so in love with my lrg sckoon I don't want anything bad to happen to it haha.

I'm in the process of sunning it right now.....but if that doesn't work I'm kind of out of ideas... anyone have any suggestions? Its been in the sun for about 15 mins... and it actually seems to smell worse now. ahaha. uuhhhhgg....
Tags: cleaning - smells

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