Monica Elith (Monica Elith) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Monica Elith
Monica Elith

First time, low cervix Lunette user and leaking all over!

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this community and hoping for some help!

I'm 29, have had 2 babies (so obviously non-virgin :p), and I just bought a Lunette size 2. Tried it yesterday when my period started, making sure to insert correctly and check for suction - but it has leaked and leaked and leaked...and leaked. I have put it in and out and in and out, read articles about it and tried different techniques, etc. when I take it out it will have a small amount of blood in it, but seems like most of the flow is going right past it.

I did just 'find' my cervix today though, and I think I may have discovered the problem - my cervix is VERY low, like only 1cm past the opening. I have tried adjusting the cup to this by letting it pop open right at the entrance, but it just doesn't seem to make any difference - even when the cup is so low that the bottom is practically sticking out of me!

Has anyone else experienced the same problem? Anyone with a SUPER low cervix who has managed to make the Lunette work for them? Or do I need to buy a new cup? Bummer if I do because they are expensive here in Australia - but I'll do what I need to do! I'm SO determined to make cups work for me - can't wait to be rid of tampons and pads!

Thank you ladies!

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