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Almost there but still have little problems


Thanks for these very useful messages. I spent more than an hour reading posts here and there, but I seem to still have some questions.

I'm 31, not a virgin and never been pregnant. I bought a divacup 1.

This is the first time/first cycle that I try the cup. I can get it in easily (I pop it low and then push it up.) Getting it out is sometimes difficult but with a bit of gymnastics, I manage to get it. ;)

The thing is, once it's in there, it won't stop moving, the stem gets out or pokes my pubic bone (and that hurts!) and sometime feel the cup. It also tend to go down and sitck out as the day goes on or often when I pee and relax my muscles. So I always have to go to the bathroom and push the cup back in. It's also leaking a little, but not so much because I have a pretty low flow. I think the problem is I have a very high cervix (I can barely touch it with my middle finger) so maybe I have to push the cup really high in my vagina? But then it's so hard to get it back and even when I do that, the cup comes down eventually. What I don't understand is that I seem to have a lot of suction (suction sound when I put it in, I can turn it 360, and when I take it out, I have to break the seal if I don't want to feel like a vacuum is sucking my insides.)

I feel like I almost got it but I think maybe I'm not putting it where it should be? Or maybe I should have another model, since I have a very high cervix?

Thanks in advance! I can't wait to throw away all my damn pads! :)

P.s. Sorry if there is some spelling mistakes, english is not my first language.
Tags: cervix position, chafing/irritation, divacup, insertion, leakage & spotting
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