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Cup escapes inside me, but can't unfold - what to do and which new cup to buy?

Hi people
I really like the genious idea of the menstrual cup, but I am almost giving up - please help me try again! I need a new cup, but I really dont know if this cup is too small, too big, too soft or whatever?
For 2 periods, I have been trying with a borrowed cup, that I will have to give back now. And therefore I need to buy my own cup. Since I have a lot of beginner problems and/or cup issues, I would like some help from you, for choosing which new cup to buy, and also I would like advices on how to insert the cup and make it unfold properly. Thanks :o)

I have been using the Small OrganiCup (medium/soft, 22 ml, 4 cm wide and 5 cm length, with a stem). Last month I struggled getting it inside, folding methods and such, and I finally succeeded getting it in. It hurted, but I survived. But it wouldnt unfold, no matter what I tried. I was told to twist it around, but I really cant get 2 fingers up and grasp the cup and turn it around! I felt like raping myself, and still it didn't work. I had it in for half a day, unpopped, and it only leaked a little and wasnt uncomfortable. So I thought I was on my way. But since then, every time I try, it leaks a lot because it is not unfolded. And sometimes I really have trouble getting it out again, not because of suction (never reached the vacuum state), but because everything is slippery and it gets too high up, and there is no room for half a hand up there!
Yesterday I tried again, and it went very easy getting it inside (no pain :-)), but it still didnt unfold. I used my stomach muscles and it said SWUIP! and for a second I thought: Yes, it unfolded! But then when I checked with my fingers, I found that it had twisted itself upside down! I just felt the slippery rim, and knew that the stem was pointing the wrong way. I couldnt get it out. Panic attack! I struggled for about an hour, with a lot of crying, and breaks to try to calm myself. In the end I finally succeeded getting it out, and now I really dont want to let it inside me ever again! :-O
But what is the problem? Last month I thought it was too big, since it can't unfold inside me. But now I think it is too small, since it can twist around and almost disappear in me? Can it be that it is too wide and yet too short, at the same time? Should I get a larger/longer cup, but just not that soft? (to make unfolding and removal easier)
I should also say, that I am 31 years old, and I am a lesbian, so I am only used to fingers and such, and I am not that active. That's why I chose a small cup in the first place. But I am a bit tall and have wide hips and shoulders, so maybe I can be big inside, when getting used to it. I really don't know.

And by the way, when you are adviced to press the bottom of the cup and twist it 360 degrees to make it unfold, how do you do that? I mean, which fingers do you use, and is it possible to have a cup and 2 fingers twisting around inside you? (without feeling raped) Did I miss a point here? (like, should I twist around a stem, that is outside of me?)

I hope you can help me! I am ready to continue experimenting with a new cup, I just need some advice! Thanks :-)

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