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Getting over my fear of Diva Cup

Hello everyone,

I had posted before about trying to decide on a new cup, having previously tried a Lady Cup with quite literally zero success. I had found the idea of a Diva Cup intimidating because.. well, it is a larger looking cup with a rather pronounced rim. I had been told the cup was fairly firm too, which scared me off so I never gave it a shot. I had been eyeing the Si-Bell as it is a softer cup.

The really funny thing is, having given in and bought a Diva Cup as I really didn't want to face another period with disposable products, two things about this cup really surprised me. Number one... this cup is MUCH softer than the Lady Cup was! And number two, the rims of both cups when compared are nearly the same size anyway. Like, there is a TINY bit more width to the Diva than the Lady, but not enough at all to matter.

I've used the Diva for 2 days now, with no discomfort, no leaks, no real problems with inserting or removing... all issues I had with the Lady Cup... and I have to say I find it amazing! Added bonus is I didn't have to pay shipping or wait because I could just pick a Diva up around the corner. I am so happy! With the Lady Cup, I was leaking when the cup wasn't even close to full, I had a horrible time trying to get it out any time it was in, and I found it really uncomfortable to wear. Also, it seemed to "pop" open too hard and hurt me that way. NONE of these issues with Diva! I can't believe it. *shakes her head*

I guess I'm just posting this to admit I was wrong about Diva Cup and to advise any new users/shoppers to NOT judge a "book" by it's "cover"! I wish I had saved myself the time and cash and started with Diva. I might still get a Si-Bell for crampy days, but I sure learned my lesson for judging the Diva.
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