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Cup and period panties for techies

My favorite period panty maker just started selling a menstrual cup! I love Dear Kate underwear as period backup and they are now selling the gladrags mooncup with a set of their panties. (See dearkates.com for the modern period set) Im not in the market for another cup, but I was so happy to see it, seems like the word is spreading.

In case you're interested, Dear Kate's are high tech panties for reusable wear. Its kind of the opposite of the organic cotton pad! I like them better than reusable pads because I'm a bike commuter and the reusable pads I've tried bunch up and have snaps that chafe in a sensitive place when I ride. The absorbent fabric in Dear Kate's were invented by a female chemist and are she owns the small business that makes them, which is the type of business i try to support. They aren't cheap, but I've found them really comfortable and reliable. If you're interested, be aware that they only come in an absorbency equal to a mini pad or liner, so not for you if you need more absorbency. I used to use disposable liners as cup or tampon backup and find the full lining a perfect replacement for the day.

I'm so happy I found menstrusl cups that I want everyone to know about them. Anything that increases visibility is good in my mind. Just the other day I was daydreaming about sending email to one of my favorite sports clothing merchants to try to get them to carry one. Maybe I'll go off and do that now...

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