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Tip for people with painful removal issues

I've noticed a lot of people have problems with painful removal. I had this problem too, and I think I've got it figured out now. (this is just my second day) My pain wasn't caused by suction, but by the cup rim being to big. (I have a Diva cup model 1) I thought maybe it was because the opening seems to be the least stretchy part of my vagina, and I've never had anything that big down there. I had been folding it, but that made things kinda spill. So, I decided to just go really really slow. Every time it got uncomfortable, I'd stop and wait for my muscles to relax and the discomfort to subside. Just don't freak out if it twinges. Stop pulling and leave it there for a minute. When that's comfortable, go a bit further. when you get the rim right to the opening, get one side out first, then the rest. I like to get the front out first so that anything that spilled out inside can drain into the cup for a minute.
This has made things more comfortable for me, and I can even insert with the c-fold now. Good luck!

P.S.- when I say to just stop and relax for a minute, I'm talking about minor discomfort, not major pain. If it's hurting you a lot, try to fold it up as soon as you can get at it.
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