skysos (skysos) wrote in menstrual_cups,

that dreaded day when you have to use a disposable again...

This post doesn't really have anything to do with anything, but I thought it might get a giggle.

I've been a cup user for nearly 4 years, and I hadn't used a single disposable in all that time..until this month.  Normally I am very good about sticking my cup in my bag a few days before I'm expecting my period, but for some reason I forgot this time.  And of course I got caught at work without my cup.  Well, no worries, I work at a university and can find supplies in a bathroom vending machine, right?

Yeah here's what that looked like.

1. Machine in my building: eats my 10 cents; no product comes out.  Annoying.

2. 5 minute walk to high-traffic building - no machines in any bathrooms there.  There is a general vending machine amply stocked with advil, condoms, and mouthwash, but oddly, no feminine supplies.  (Maybe they are the most popular?)

3. Walk to another building.  First floor restroom - machine already has someone else's money stuck in the slot and clearly not dispensing product or returning coin.  Second floor restroom - machine busted open and empty.  Third floor restroom - machine locked but someone very strong had bent the bottom half of the door back really far.  I squatted down and peered up into it, and indeed, there were tampons in there!  Luckily, my fingers are long and skinny, and it took some patience but I managed to snag one.  I tried several times to stick my dime in the bowels of the machine so whoever restocks it would find it, but it kept sliding back out.  Finally I said to hell with it, I already lost a dime earlier today in one of these machines, so I'm square.   Good thing no one walked in while I had my hand up in the machine though; that would have been awkward.

Sheesh.  Seriously.  Don't forget your cups people!!


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