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Si-Bell and Cervix

Hello everyone,

I had posted before about not having found my cervix and being worried I'd never find it/never find a cup because of it but I have wonderful news... I finally found it! I was sitting in my bathroom laughing, and probably creeping out my mother, because I was surprised at just how nose-tip-like it did feel. I'm about 6 or 7 days away from my period due date, and I made sure to take note of that for sure.

I tried again the next day (today) and either couldn't totally feel it or think it may have potentially been more to the back this time and was against my nail so I couldn't feel-feel it with my finger. I'm not totally sure but I will try again tonight. I've noticed it's easier to get to if I sit and kind of lean forward a bit... if that made sense. Is that normal?

I think, after all my research and recommendations, I will go for it and try the Si-Bell cup... with the stem it is longer than the Diva and is apparently soft enough that it would likely work for me and my high cervix. It's not that I need super capacity, my flow is not all THAT heavy for the most part.

What do you all think?

Thanks for any comments.
Tags: cervix position, si-bell
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