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Troubles Ordering a new cup

So I started years ago with a small Diva and then switched to a Large Lunette Selene, just for greater capacity. It leaks more than I'd like, though I usually make do with a backup pad. I want to buy a new cup or 2 to see if they work better. Since I'm pretty heavy for a few days, I was looking for high capacity. I've cut off most of the stems of 2 current cups. I sort of want to try a Large or XL Meluna but also considering Large Fleurcup or Yukki. Any advice on these brands? Is the TPE of Meluna harder to care for than the silicone? Any brands more prone to faults or failures?

The most annoying this is, I decide want I want but everybody seems to be out of stock when I go to buy it. I look at another, pick the colour and style I want, and then find it's sold out too. I must just want all the popular types I guess! This is more of a rant about my bad luck than anything else I guess :)

One quick question though, one site I was trying to shop at (unsuccessfully) was that femininewear.co.uk, which I've heard a lot of good things about via this community, and I can't figure out how to register. There is a customer login button, but no sign up button? They don't currently have the stock I was after but I wanted to sign up there and check it out in future if I can. So does anybody know how?

Lastly, just want to point out how surprised I am to see how many cups are available now. Since I've been using my Lunette for ages I haven't visited here for a few years and was shocked at the range when I came back. So many choices! If only they'd allow more types for sale here in Australia...
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, where to buy

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