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14 April 2014 @ 11:13 am
I'm sending my mom an email about why I want to switch to cups, and now that I'm up to which brands I'm interested in trying, I'm a bit stuck. I've tried to reach my cervix many times before, but it's anything but low. I was just barely able to reach it once, and that time it was about 8cm in. That seems high to me, and now I can't reach it anymore, so it's probably higher. Also, tiny suction release holes freak me out because I might start thinking that it might damage my cervix, where ever it is, so I guess maybe large holes or no holes might suit me, and the widest cup I've ever inserted was a Femmecup. That's about as wide as I'm willing to go. At first I was looking at the Jasmine Cup, but after reading about its quality, I'm not too sure I want to try it. Then I looked at the Miacup, but it seemed to short and too expensive for my mom to approve. Right now, I'm looking at the small Lily Cup and the medium Luv ur Body because according to the size charts, they seem to be the longest cups on the market. But then again, the stem on the Natu/Si-Bell seems really long and I read that some people could pull it out with just the stem (I wish I had that luck!), and I'm intrigued by the Victoria's Love, with the whole concept of literally no removal within 12 hours, plus that brand is long. But getting all all 4 of those brands IS very expensive, and the last thing I need is for my mom to look at the price and never read another one of my emails ever again, since she is very strict with her money.

So, to sum it up, I'm stuck between the Lily Cup, the Luv ur Body, the Victoria's Love, and the Natu/Si-bell. I want to choose one that's firm, but not to the point where it's hard to fold. Capacity isn't my top priority, but I would prefer a cup that won't leak during the middle of the school day. How easy it is to grip is one of my priorities. The Luv ur Body has those flowers all around the stem, but I don't know if they're used for grip (are they?) And I'm not too sure about the grip rings on the Lily- would those be useful for removal since there are only around 3 of them?

Thanks for all your help; I have high hopes in this email thing!
megankgrmegankgr on April 14th, 2014 03:48 pm (UTC)
I don't have any brand suggestions, but did you check your cervix height while you were on your period or in the middle of your cycle? Everyone's cervix moves a good bit over the course of a cycle and it's almost always significantly lower during a period. Personally, I can reach mine with the tip of my middle finger most of the time but on my period it's only about 2 inches in. I would highly suggest you find your cervix while on your period (if you haven't already) before deciding wether or not you need a longer cup. Best of luck!
helina1helina1 on April 15th, 2014 11:48 am (UTC)
I checked for my cervix on 3 out of the 4 days I had my period last month. I was just barely able to reach it on the heaviest day, and when I measured that I got about 8cm. On all the other days I couldn't reach it at all.
elisamba on April 14th, 2014 05:03 pm (UTC)
JerseyGirl asked a similar question April 12 - you might want to check out the answers she got.

From personal experience, for such a high cervix I would recommend the small Gaia cup. Its holes are small but there are six of them, which makes for both easy opening and breaking suction. It's available at Femininewear or Coppetta Mestruale.

Edited at 2014-04-14 05:05 pm (UTC)
Luceafaraluceafara on April 15th, 2014 03:02 am (UTC)
Si-bell/Natu are soft cups, so if you want to go firmer, you may want to look at the other brands. (i love mine, but they are soft.)

I hear the Lilly and Gaia are very soft as well. Makes me wonder if a firm long cup may be uncomfortable to wear....?

There are two great softness comparison videos on Coppetta-mestruale.it, that you may want to check out:
https://www.coppetta-mestruale.it/comparativo_coppette_mestruali.php (scroll to bottom of the page.... morbido= soft)

What about adding the totally gorgeous, Mexican, Luna Cup to your short list, which makes me wish I had a high cervix? I have no idea how soft it is, I just know that it's sooooo pretty ;).

ETA: Never mind about the Lunacup. Seems impossible to get outside of Mexico:

ETA: all cups can be worn for a full 24 hrs if capacity isn't a problem, really. I always wear mine that long with no ill effect - some companies just give you a conservative length of time.

Edited at 2014-04-15 03:15 am (UTC)
elisamba on April 15th, 2014 09:40 am (UTC)
Lunacup is available at shop.menstrualcup.co for €30 with free international shipping. So adorable!
nerdfancy on February 5th, 2015 10:10 pm (UTC)
I also have a high cervix - so long that when I went to get fitted for a diaphragm, a second health care provider had to be called into the room because she had the longest fingers in the practice. I am 29 and have never had kids. I just started using the lily cup compact (size B) - which seems counter intuitive, I know. It is soft and flexible, and easy to insert, but also seals easily and feels structured. Most importantly, though - it is SUPER easy to grip. I can't pull it out by the stem (because I hate feeling the pressure when it's still sealed), but bearing down easily shifts the cup so that a little of the base is available to pull. The material is not slippery at all and when I applied a little pressure with my thumb, I was able to remove it easily with no spills.