jessfitz85 (jessfitz85) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Dont know where else to turn, FREAKING OUT


I promise you this is not a scam, or a scare tactic, or someone messing with you. I have been very interested in cups since I heard about them a little over a month ago. I did a lot of research, and deciced to go with the femmy cycle. Today is day two of using it. I have had two vaginal births, 4 miscarriages, and have always been told I have a high cervix. Upon removal, a portion of my cervix actually CAME OUT of my vaginal opening! I had to tuck it back in! The femmy cycle had not leaked, to its credit, but it sucked in and distended my cervix! What did I do wrong?! Is this going to go back? I intend to call my doctor first thing in the morning and have already emailed femmy cycle, but I am FREAKING OUT and I need some advice/reassurance. Somebody please help me.

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