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Hi, beautiful ladies! You are all amazingly helpful. I've been reading everything on this forum trying to figure out which cup to buy first, and I think I've found a couple good ones, but I'm brand new and I'd love to hear from someone who has experience.

Okay, so, here are the details: I'm 22, sexually active, no babies; I've regularly worn disposable pads rather than tampons; average flow; I have a high cervix (I've tried several times to reach it throughout my cycle and never have), and I'm not incredibly active so I'm not sure how strong my pelvic floor/muscles are.

I'm thinking that the model 1 Si-Bell (or the Natu cup, since I don't know of any differences between the two brands) could be good for me because although the cup itself is not very long, the cup plus the stem is pretty long. Also, I read here that some women have been able to take out the Si-Bell just by pulling on the stem, rather than having to grab the bottom of the cup. And since, having to grab the actual cup itself (which apparently you wouldn't need to do with the Si-Bell) is why women with a high cervix are advised to get a longer cup, maybe the short Si-bell cup (with it's helpful long stem) would still be preferable for women with a high cervix. ..?

Next, softness/squishiness of the Si-Bell cup. It seems that most women find the softer cups to be more comfortable, but generally they take more time to get to open. I don't mind having to take a little bit longer on my learning curve, as long as it's not always going to be a hassle.
Something else I've heard is that if you have strong pelvic muscles and a soft cup, the cup might not have room to open up all of the way or it might move out of place because your super strong muscles are crushing it. I'm not currently very athletic/active but I'd enjoy having the option. I think I'd prefer the comfort-ability of a soft cup, but not if I'd have to worry that the cup would cave in and not stay properly open and then leak. Does anyone have any advice on the Si-Bell cup and how it holds up in general or if you're active/have strong muscles. Some advice on the strength of the pelvic muscles in relation to soft cups in general, or how to tell if you have strong muscles, might also be helpful.

Short Story: My main concerns are, if the Si-Bell (or Natu) cup would work with a high cervix (meaning, can you easily reach and remove it) even though it's a smaller cup, if you can figure out how to insert and open it without always having to fuss with it, and if you can be active with it without it being squished by your muscles, moving out of place, and then leaking.

Thank you for reading all of this and offering advice if you have any. :D
Allibeanhmsbackstroker on April 13th, 2014 05:35 am (UTC)
Hi there and welcome! Just a note that we try to use gender neutral terms here because some of our members may not identify as female. :)

I think that the Si-Bell is a great option for a high cervix with the long stem, you are exactly right with that one. I have a low cervix, but I have heard good things. Really the only thing you can do is read other people's experiences and take the plunge. If it works, great! If not, try again!

Honestly, as far as softness goes, I would really recommend going with a regular softness first, then graduating to a soft. My anatomy is very easy to navigate, with everything easily "within reach" like I said before, but it still took me three months to get a technique down pat for inserting and popping open. I think that having such a high cervix would make it more of a challenge to manually pop open if it didn't upon insertion, and having the additional challenge of the softness would make for a frustrating learning curve. If you don't have any pubic bone issues, you really shouldn't feel the cup when it's inserted properly. My suggestion is to get it down with a regular softness first and then "graduate" to a soft. If you're not doing turbo kegels, you shouldn't have to worry about a soft cup caving in, when you do graduate to one, as long as you get a good suction.

Good luck and keep us updated! (It's a great support system here!)

Edited at 2014-04-13 05:39 am (UTC)