praecox1015 (praecox1015) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Doing sports while wearing cup

Hello all. I have learned a lot from you guys, and you guys rock. Reading from the entries, I've settled on a large fleur cup which works like a charm in my day to day work. It's when I exercise that's a whole other story. The fleurcup works when I'm on the stairmaster or just walking. When I jog and run, I have leaks even though the cup is in. I was wondering if anyone had this problem and what are ways to deal with it? One of the reason I settled on a fleurcup is that I have a retroverted cervix. My cervix is low enough that I can reach it barely. I assume that I would need a shorter cup with the hypothesis that my cup has been hitting the cervix and spilling its contents. I don't know if that is a plausible explanation, and I would love for any feedback.
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