tempestas_inu (tempestas_inu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Back again, story time and some issues

About a year and a half ago, I bought my first menstrual cup and came here for advice because I had absolutely no experience sticking anything in my vagina. I eventually managed to put the cup in and remove it a few times, but I always had issues with getting it past my pubic bone. Tt didn't seem to pop open, or I couldn't tell, and always felt this weird sensation when I walked. I put the cup away and have used reusable pads up to now, which have worked wonderfully.

Today, I finally decided to try the cup again. Insertion was much easier... although there was some chaffing. However, it popped! But it popped way too close to the entrance of my vagina and was extremely uncomfortable and it needed to be removed. I tried again in the shower and while it was a little sore because of my earlier attempt holy crap, I managed to get it in far enough, and it popped (it kinda hurts when it pops though, is that normal?) For the first time ever I couldn't feel it unless I consciously tried to (aka squeeze my muscles)! I finished my shower and wanted to practice removal again....

it was up way farther than I've ever had to deal with. It was way past my pubic bone and I could only touch it with my pointer finger, I couldn't manage to push my thumb in far enough to grab onto the base. I nearly panicked, but I tried to relax and look for the stem. The stem was in a weird position, it was like the cup was tilted to the left (is my cervix tilted that way or something? I've never been able to find my cervix) and the stem was nestled between my pubic bone and my vaginal walls and I STRUGGLED SO HARD before I finally managed to grab it with a good grip.... I was getting really frustrated, especially since the stem stretched when I pulled on it. I dealt with grabbing and then losing it quite a few times. Eventually I DID manage to use it to coax the cup out, and any of the blood that came out was inside so it means it was in correctly...

but wow, that was difficult. I guess I have a high cervix? I've never trimmed the stem and yet I still had so much trouble grabbing it... WHich is a total first since every other time, the stem was at least partially sticking out of my vagina. Now I'm terrified of how hard it would have been if I'd preemptively trimmed it or something. It took so long to remove, I can't imagine doing that in the middle of the day to empty it out. Also, I feel like I chafe every time I insert/remove so doing that a few times during the day sounds even MORE unappealing. I know lube helps but do people really use lube for it through their entire period? Any advice?
Tags: cervix position, popping open, removal - painful or problems, stem length/trimming, teething troubles

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