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9 months with leaks, please help....

I am a 44 year old female that has had 3 vaginal births (my youngest is 17 now). My periods are regular 30 days apart with the odd early or late day sprinkled in just 'for fun'. I have very heavy bleeding the first two days of my period and then it tapers off pretty quickly. I get a really light day and then it starts again for a couple of days and presto, done.

My husband and I have started bike touring last year now that the kids are leaving the nest so I purchased a large Fluer cup 9 months ago (Purple, yay), as it is a more practical way to manage my period whilst on the bike, and it means I don't have to carry boxes of tampons with me.

I have had constant leaks the whole 9 months and am still wearing a panty liner, which defeats the purpose somewhat. On our first 2 week bike tour I even managed to make a huge mess in a motel room when we had a rest day. I was so tired from riding 100kms a day that I fell into a really deep sleep. It soaked all the way through to the mattress... This leaking is constant and not because the cup is full. I know what the bubbly feeling feels like on the odd occasion that I have actually managed to fill the cup, because I am constantly running to the toilet to clean myself up.

I have had to trim the tab right back as it was super uncomfortable unless it was pushed up high and I have found the ridges on the cup quite sharp as well. I can certainly feel the cup when it sits low. But that didn't worry me as much as the leaking. I have also found that the first day it is almost agony wearing a cup as my cervix gets so swollen and hangs really low, especially just after insertion when the suction occurs. After the initial flood days I don't have a problem comfort wise.

So I would like to know from you lovely ladies out there if I need to get a bigger cup to create a better seal, a stiffer cup that won't kink with my monstrous cervix pushing into it, or is it just my technique? I use the punch down fold after rinsing the cup and I don't have any trouble with insertion or removal. I am now looking at perhaps getting an XL Meluna (ball ended) in a classic or a sport because its made out of TPE and the ridges appear a bit softer.

I have spent quite some time reading through the entries here and I do the kegels to get the cup higher, rotating the stem to make sure it's opened up and feeling around to make sure the cervix is not hanging over the edge as suggested, but still I leak like a sieve......

Any suggestions or comments gratefully accepted.
Tags: fleurcup, insertion - painful or problems, leakage & spotting, meluna, stem length/trimming, travel
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