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Cup recommendation?

Hey everyone! I'm finally starting to get the hang of insertion/removal and I'm marvelling at how comfortable my cup is once it's inserted -- I'm fully on the cup bandwagon now!

However, I'm finding my small MeLuna Mini to be too small, in terms of length and capacity, and I'm looking to buy a larger cup. I'd like it to be as soft as the soft MeLuna Mini because I have a tendency to tug the cup out without folding during removal (I can't seem to break the seal, even when I pinch the bottom?) and I imagine doing that with a stiffer cup would be more painful. And I'd like to stick with a narrower cup for the same reason.

Based on the above criteria, do you guys have any recommendations? I've looked through size charts, and I'm thinking of the medium or large MeLuna, the small Fleurcup, the small Si-Bell, the soft Yuuki, or the Natural Mamma. Does the shape of the cup affect comfort when wearing the cup and removal of the cup? E.g. is it easier to break the seal of cups with round (vs. cone-shaped) bases?

Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, meluna - soft, sizes/size issues

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