KaleidoscopeEyd (kaleidoscopeeyd) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Boiling INSIDE a pouch?

For the sake of privacy, can I boil my brand new cup inside of a flannel pouch that has been machine washed and dried? I don't intend to boil it regularly, but to utilize other methods of cleaning. Just for my own mental state, I would like to boil it before my first use.

There really isn't ever a 5 minute window where I know for sure I can be alone in the kitchen. I live with my boyfriend and his mom, uncle, brother and sister in law.

Even if I wait until late at night, my boyfriend's mom will be awake and always comes out into the kitchen to chat when she hears someone. I just don't really want to have to explain it to anyone. If it looks like just the pouch I can make up something other reason for having to boil it.

I plan on using alcohol prep swabs to clean when I need to and just rinse with water during a normal change.
Tags: cleaning - boiling, cup pouch & storage, first time use

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