bafikybaf (bafikybaf) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Base of cup sticking out?

Hello everyone,
I've just started my first period with the small Lunette and things are working fine (inserting, removing - everything works) but the base of the cup is sticking out slightly all the time. I can see about 1 cm of it. It doesn't hurt, I have no leaks but it isn't supposed to be that way, I think?
I think I have quite a low cervix - I can reach it - so maybe I need a shorter cup. Or am I doing something wrong? I use the C fold, it's the only one that opens. When I insert it all the way, I can't open it. It opens easily if I just push it partly in but then it seals and I can't get it any further. I tried to pull it in with my muscles but it always returns. Do you have any ideas? What should I do?
Thanks so much!
Tags: cervix position, first time use, insertion, lunette, popping open, sizes/size issues
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