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Lady Cup - What am I doing wrong?

Hi there,

I'm new to this board... so be patient with me lol. I'm in my early 20s, and haven't given birth/haven't had children.

I bought my first Lady Cup (small, "summer plum") a couple of years ago. Now, before I started to use it, I made the mistake of not knowing where my cervix was, so after a couple of months with zero success (over quite a span of cycles by now) I went looking to find it. Turns out, I suppose it sits high because when I am not on my period I can't seem to reach it... granted I do have short fingers. I have not brought myself to check while on my period... I suppose I should.

Anyway, first off, I could get the cup in fairly well and get it to pop open with minimal effort (it's a pretty strong cup so I hear) so I figured it would be a piece of cake from there. Wrong! The cup tends to ride up quite a ways, so reaching it for removal is sometimes rather challenging. I can usually get to the stem alright but it's tough getting to the base to release the suction. I literally bore down strong while squatting on the floor just to get it out - not something I want to do in public restrooms, should I ever have to change it in one! And since I have to muck with it so much to get it out, I end up making a small mess.

Also, when I take it out it's probably not even 1/4 full but I'm leaking? I angled it back toward my spine/rectum like they said and all that, and it opened and the whole thing, and I can feel the suction when I go to take it out... so what am I doing wrong?

I was thinking of trying a longer cup... it's not that I need more capacity, and I certainly don't want more width... so I was looking at the Fleurcup to try next, or maybe the Si-Bell because it's longer and soft... but I feel quite lost. I had looked at the Diva but after feeling how firm it is I'm a little put-off... I'm rather sensitive down there.

I so want to make a cup work for me... if anyone has advice or input I would so appreciate it.
Tags: divacup, fleurcup, lady cup, si-bell

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