Hannah Burleson (Hannah Burleson) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Hannah Burleson
Hannah Burleson

Leaking Still - This is getting exasperating!

Okay folks -

23 years old. Married. Never given birth.

I have:

Small Mooncup (UK) - ruled it out early on because I HATE the stem, even with it cut off all the way

Small Lunette - My favorite - this is what I use the most often

Large Fleurcup - I like it but the ridges on the bottom and the stem or more irritating then the Lunette.

I HAVE had success with my Lunette in the past just a small number of times. I am currently on my 5th cycle with the cups. The last cycle I had a couple of instances with NO leaking where I emptied the cup and it was ACTUALLY full. But these seem to be so rare! I always check to make sure it is open all the way. It seems like I just can't always get the right positioning. I've only managed to find that magic spot a couple of times. The times I did were amazing and totally sold me on the cup. But I can't seem to get it consistently! It's so exasperating because I do the same thing every time and it seems like it should work consistently.

The last time I sought advice, I was told to aim towards my belly button as I insert. That seemed to help a lot initially. However, I have continued to follow this, and now it is not always solving the issue.

Someone please tell me that over time this will get better. I really WANT to get to the point where I don't have to wear a pantyliner or anything or have ANY leaking.

Also, I know there is the slobber stuff but this isn't just slobber. I can tell the difference between when it's just slobber and when it's actual leaking.

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