bafikybaf (bafikybaf) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Which menstrual cup?

Hello, I would really like your help here...
I've got quite a lot of questions, sorry...

I'm 19, a virgin, and I bought a small Lunette cup. I tried several times but I failed to get it in. It was really uncomfortable and it hurt a bit. I think it's too big for me? I'm considering buying a Meluna cup now because it's smaller but I've read all these stories about not being able to reach it and remove it. I don't know though if I can even get it in - can I be just too narrow down there? I didn't use tampons before but I thought I would be okay getting a cup in because I have no problem inserting a finger. I'm getting worried now - if I can't get my thumb and forefinger inside, how will I be able to remove the cup? Also I have no idea how far the cup would be? I heard that if I buy a meluna (small) cup with the ring grip, I can put a string through there so I'll get it out, is that right? Also should I get a soft or classical? Or maybe some other brand available in the czech republic?

Please help me with this... I'm new here so I 'm hoping I posted this right.
Thank you!
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, first time use, hymen, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, removal, sizes/size issues, virginity
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