amalicious4 (amalicious4) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Fleurcup Troubleshooting

So as soon as my red small fleurcup arrived, I went to the bathroom with lube and a bunch of memorized folds for a dry run of course--I was so excited!
I tried many many folds, but the punch-down fold worked best (maybe because I am a virgin). I used lots of lube and inserted it, failing a few times (because it was really slippery, and I was scared), but in the end, after much relaxing I got it in. While I was near the end of insertion though, I felt stinging and it was quite painful, but I sucked it up, and inserted it all the way. It popped open easily, and I had no trouble with that part.
I walked around a bit, and it was REALLY uncomfortable. I think it was because of the pronounced grips and the stem which was sticking out, but I couldn't feel the rim or the upper part of the cup at all, so that was good. But, I felt like I had to urinate, which wasn't that bad, but it would be annoying if I have to feel like that every cycle. I will probably file down the grips and cut most of the stem off.
I removed it quite easily, with a little bit of pain when the grips came out. The only problem was that it was really "tight" down there, so I had a hard time fitting my finger in. I am still sore from the insertion and removal.
Now for the most surprising part, (note that that was my very first time using the cup) I took it out, and while I was cleaning it, I noticed an "x" shape about 1/2 a centimeter wide on the cup. I looked at it, and sure enough, there was a hole in the center of the small "x". What do I do? I was thinking of contacting fleurcup so I can get a replacement.
Tags: dry run, fleurcup, insertion - painful or problems, removal - painful or problems, virginity
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