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Just ordered my first cup

I have been randomly coming here and reading up on menstrual cups for some time now (almost a year, maybe). I've been unemployed and unable to purchase the one cup I decided I really want (a MeLuna mini) but today, after reading some new posts, I couldn't wait anymore. Unfortunately for me, MeLuna can't ship to the United States right now. Since I really REALLY want a MeLuna, but I'm really REALLY impatient and excited to learn some cup basics first hand... I ended up going online and buying a cup that is much cheaper than, but similar in design to, the regular MeLunas.

It won't be here for 3-5 weeks, but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or pointers for getting started and getting used to things. Feel free to give any advice you can think of.
Specifically I'm wondering....

If I've had issues with being able to feel tampons even when properly inserted, will it likely be the same with a cup?
How many of you have had strong vasovagal responses when inserting cups? I tried an instead softcup ONCE and it was a horrible, painful and frightening experience. I felt extreme pain and very nearly fainted immediately after insertion. Someone said I probably hit my cervix with it. Anyone have these issues with reusable cups?

One of my biggest fears, like everyone, is not being able to get a cup out once I get it in. I know it can't migrate anywhere; that there is literally nowhere for it to go. I'm more concerned that I won't be able to reach it, it will be slippery or that it will be painful. Of course the ultimate fear of having to go to a doctor to get it removed. I couldn't even imagine the embarrassment. Has anyone ever had so much trouble with removal as to actually have asked someone else for help?
What about attaching some kind of tamponesque string? Has anyone tried that? Was it successful? Comfortable?
Perhaps I should also mention that I am on NuvaRing. Sometimes the NuvaRing slides just slightly out of my vagina and I find it to be extremely irritating. I get the idea that this is how a stem will feel, but I think I'll need a stem for removal... Hmmm...

Any and all information is welcome and appreciated.
Thanks to all for this whole community. It's definitely made me feel more comfortable with the idea of cups. Everyone here seems so understanding and friendly =)

edit: typo.


I made a couple of cute pouches, too. There is another, different shaped, dinosaur pouch and one that I knitthat is  white  and a dark red color. I just changed my birth control last night (I use NuvaRing, sometimes continuously) so I will be doing a few dry runs from now until my next period.
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