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Hello everybody :)

I recently purchased a small Ladycup (in purple - wooo!) after hearing about menstrual cups about a month ago. I've kind of been staring at it for the past month, practicing folds and pondering over how wonderful the idea is!

I thought I wouldn't be able to try it out this cycle (school sports, didn't want to take the risk) but lo and behold, my period came early and I had today to try it out.

Insertion was alright, once I worked out that getting it in and letting go works best. The stiff rim made things a bit hard but it didnt cause too much discomfort. Once it was in it was quite comfortable, only a bit of slobber and the stem only pokes out a bit (might cut it but not sure). My cramps were also reduced a bit from when I was using tampons in the morning.

However removal was another story. On the first attempt (after having it in for about 3 hours) I panicked so I left it in a bit longer. By the second attempt (about two hours later) though I really needed to get it out before I went to bed so I had to do it. This is where the problems started.

I can bear down enough to get the base of the cup quite easily. However even when I pinched the base and attempted to slide my finger up the side, the seal wouldn't break! It still leaked eveywhere though! This made it really painful, not a suctiony feeling though but pain as if my vagina was being stretched out. Eventually I got it out by hooking my finger over the rim of the cup (with some difficulty as it's small up there!) which FINALLY broke the suction and allowed me to get it out, albeit with blood all over my hands and the toilet! It left me literally shaken up!

So in summary I was wondering if anyone has any tips for removal - staying calm etc. I'm 14 (and a virgin - not sure if hymen is whole though since I have an uvula like thing there) and while it was difficult I really want this to work. I'm going to have to use tampons tomorrow because I have school but after school on Tuesday I have some time to practice. Also, does anyone else with a small Ladycup have these problems?

Thanks guys!

P.S. I'm new to Livejournal so I don't know how to do that cut thing, sorry!
kodi.iamenergy on March 31st, 2014 02:38 pm (UTC)
I was the same way when I first got mine. I was suddenly terrified about getting it out and the first few times getting it out were hard and I honestly just wanted to stop using it and go back to tampons lol. The more you do it the easier it'll get :) What I do to un-suction mine is just to squeeze the cup. This is different for everyone because not everyone can reach the whole cup like I can, but if you were able to hook your finger over the rim then you should be good. I usually grab the cup just under the rim and just squeeze it together in my fingers like I'm pinching it or something, and 9 times out of 10 that breaks the seal and I'm able to pull it down. I've had my cup for I think going on 4 years and sometimes it still doesn't work on the first try, so don't get super frustrated, because you'll get the hang of it and even people that have been using cups for awhile don't always get it on the first try!
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on March 31st, 2014 03:34 pm (UTC)
Getting the hang of removal is all part of the dreaded learning curve. Even though it may not seem like it, you're on the road to success. Hang in there, you've ALMOST got it.
stellapipsstellapips on April 1st, 2014 08:18 pm (UTC)
Just a quick update :)
I tried it again today and it went great! Now I have an idea of how to get it out it's a LOT easier. I had virtually no problems with insertion and removal, which was nice!

Only things are the stem is a bit long (I'm going to wait until my cycle is done though just in case my cervix goes up) and when I emptied it the blood stayed in the loo O.o

Aside from that though nothing went wrong - that was a pretty quick learning curve! Going to try it overnight to avoid that 'morning flood' feeling - I'll see how it goes. Probably won't use it in school yet though.

Thanks for the reassurance guys!
Bean: meihatepickles on April 2nd, 2014 12:30 am (UTC)
Just a few notes, even though you don't seem to be having issues anymore:

I have many cups, including the small purple LadyCup. :) I find that one in particular, however, to be the most difficult for removal, but only because it is so slippery and difficult to keep a grip. The surface has no texture to it, like most others do. If you're not having that problem, then this is irrelevant, but literally every other cup I've tried was easier to remove (the large Fleurcup being my favorite, and the only one that doesn't seem to leak on me). Just something to think about!

I have also definitely had many panic moments upon removal... It took me MONTHS to get the whole process down. The key totally is to stay calm and relax your muscles, and also to bear down, as you're already doing. That said, I still get the rare difficult removal. When that happens, it is usually because either I have a yeast infection (causing the cervical mucus to be thicker and add to the suctioning of the cup to my cervix), or I'm just having an unusually "fluffy" day, and the walls of my vagina are puffier than normal (causing them to envelop the rim more easily). In either case, it just takes a little more patience, relaxing, and a bit more effort.

As far as the stem... I trim all of mine. I find them utterly useless because I can't break the "seal" without squeezing near the rim of the cup. Pulling on the stem only causes suctiony pain for me. I say, if you haven't needed the stem yet, just cut it. They all cause unnecessary discomfort, in my personal opinion.

One last thing... I pretty much do get blood on my hands every time I remove my cup, because I have to squeeze it with my fingers to get it out, and that displaces the blood and causes it to rush out over the rim. This is something I expect and really don't mind. A quick rinse takes care of things. If anyone knows how to avoid this, however, please let me know! Haha. But I think it's fairly normal.