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First time with menstrual cup - great experience so far, but do they make your periods shorter?

Newbie here!  About me: 31, non-virgin, no pregnancies, low cervix, normal period is 7 days with heavy flow in first 2 days.

I was curious about menstrual cups, so I did a bit of online research and decided a small Sckooncup was the way to go.  I wanted something that was soft (because I think I can feel tampons enough to make me cramp), short enough for my low cervix, and available in the US with quick and easy shipping (Amazon Prime!).  I got my period a day early, just before the cup arrived in the mail, so I didn't try it out the first day.  Yesterday was the second day of my period and my first time using the cup.  Only took 2 tries to pop it open - not bad!  I guess I live on the edge, because I then wore it to the gym and proceeded to do high-intensity intervals on the treadmill, 100 sit-ups, and one-legged Romanian deadlifts as part of my usual workout.  If anything will make a menstrual cup pop out, it's that combination, but it didn't even leak!  It was about 2/3 full when I took it out to go to bed, about 8 hours after I had put it in.  I could have put it back in for sleeping, but I guess I was worried that it would leak in the horizontal position (which is silly after that workout, but whatever!).

So today I woke up, went to the bathroom, and there was not a single drop of blood on my pad or the TP.  This is highly unusual for me, since my periods are typically 7 days long (tapering off but still flowing after the first 2-3 days).  Is it possible that the suction from the menstrual cup basically cleared out my uterus and ended my period early?  And if so, consider me an official menstrual cup convert.  A week-long period is such a drag!

EDIT: I'm not using any hormonal birth control, not trying to get pregnant (condoms with the husband), and haven't changed anything else in my life that should affect my period length.

EDIT #2: So my period isn't over after 2 days like I thought.  A few hours after I posted, I started having some light brownish spotting.  Still nothing like what my period normally is.  Hope it stays like this!
Tags: first time use, sckoon, sckooncup, sports/physical activities, success stories
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