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Sleeping Issues.

Hi everybody! I specifically created this livejournal JUST so that I could post in this community. I did a lot of my research before purchasing my divacup in this community, so thanks for all of the help! Overall my experience with my divacup has been great. This is my third cycle with the divacup, and I'm still having issues with creating a solid seal. Sometimes I get it perfectly, sometimes it's a big ol' mess. I barely ever leak during the day. If I do it's either because I've had an extremely heavy flow and have filled the cup, OR because I didn't create an adequate seal.

The real reason that I'm posting here is because I find that I'm leaking every. single. night. It's pretty much ONLY at night. I don't leak before bed, but without fail I wake up with my underwear pretty much soaked. It's as if I don't even have the divacup in. I actually had to purchase pads today just for sleeping. I usually have a very heavy flow during my first three days. For example, when I was wearing tampons I had to use the ultra absorbency, which is a step HIGHER than super plus. Has anybody encountered this problem when sleeping with the divacup? (Or any cup for that matter.) Any idea on what I'm doing wrong? Any suggestions on how to fix it? I love the menstrual cup, but this is so frustrating. It's the ONLY complaint that I have. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Thanks for all of the GREAT info. :D
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