Luceafara (luceafara) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Si-bell & Natu: WHERE TO BUY

Si-line, the makers of the Si-bell, had their shop closed for a few months, and now that they are back online, I noticed that their Si-bell is no longer available.
I wrote to ask if they stopped making it (thinking to myself that I should stock up on extras before they are gone), and they said they didn't, but they only sell wholesale now - to physical stores and online stores. The reason why I am writing this post is in case anyone else has a panic moment when they see the cup completely gone from their site.
I was given the following three links where the Si-bell can be purchased.


ETA additional stores:

And since the Natu is similar, here is where to buy it:

If you know of other sites, let me know, and I'll add them to this post.
Tags: natu, si-bell, where to buy

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