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If/when to trim stem?

How do you decide to trim a stem? I've heard of some who decided to right away but it ended up being a mistake. I still haven't gotten my yuuki cups and I started spotting yesterday (28 day cycle, a miracle for my unpredictableness, thank you parsley tea!) I never was able to find my cervix so yesterday I tried inserting a plastic spoon handle just to see how far it could go. At about 3 and a quarter inches it seemed to bottom out. But it also felt like whatever I was poking was kind of putting tension on my bowel(?). But the very tip of the spoon had some blood on it so I'm thinking I may have reach the end of the canal. In any case I have been using my made in china cup for the first few times and can only seem to get it in far enough that the stem sits at the entrance. Sitting or laying doesnt feel bad but bending over or anything like that causes me to feel the stem yo-yo up and down. The stem is helpful for removal as I can pinch it between my thumb and middle finger while using my index finger to collapse the cup, but at the same time if the cup is bottoming out like I think it is than I guess I wouldn't be risking pushing it out of reach during retrieval.. Thus the stem may not be nessisary? Sorry to be long winded, just looking for advice from the pros.


Ps. I've seen some people say their cervixes drop even further when their flow is heavier? Because I am still just spotting and having these issues.
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