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I think I finally found the one - Fleurcup!

Hi, this is my first post. I thought it might be useful for anyone with a heavy flow or anyone who has been having leaking problems.

I've been using menstrual cups for 6 months and have had a few struggles. I was determined to find the right cup for me! I think my search is over and turns out it's the cheapest one I've bought - the Fleurcup!

As I'm in the UK I got a mooncup uk size A to start off with (I've just turned 31, no kids). At the time, I didn't know there were so many other cups available here in the UK. I persevered with this one but it kept leaking no matter what I did. To be fair the leaks weren't huge apart from when I used the smaller cups but I thought what's the point of wearing a cup if they leak. Especially when they're in properly apparently they shouldn't leak. If anyone asks I checked that I had all the cups inserted correctly when trying them out.

I have a very heavy flow and although most cups say they can cope with this, they didn't for me. Even if the cup wasn't full, the holes were getting blocked up quickly causing leaks (this is my guess). I often get really thick clots and the mooncup just couldn't handle that. I spent a long time researching whether I was doing something wrong or working out if cups just weren't meant for my type of period. I refused to back to tampons and pads are just yak to me.

I've gone through mooncup UK sizes A and B, Lunette 1 and 2 and I now have a Large Fleurcup.

This is my first cycle using the fleurcup and I love it! Yeah it's bigger than the others but it's actually the most comfortable out of the ones I own. I can't feel it at all. The large lunette was the best shape, it popped open so easy but it was just too stiff I got the worst pains from it pushing against me. I realised that I need a large capacity cup with the holes at the top, easy to pop open and softer than the large lunette.

On my heaviest day I could sometimes soak through a superplus tampon in an hour, usually it would be 3-4 hours.

My period likes to come and go as it pleases after the first couple of days so planning which tampon absorbency to use was a nightmare.

The capacity of the fleurcup means I can relax and not need to change as often. No leaks!!! I think the width of the cup is the key and my cervix can't escape down the side or anything. It has really good suction too.

The other cups I have are probably fine for the last few days of my period (excl large lunette due to the ouch factor) so hopefully all that money I spent experimenting hasn't gone down the drain.

If anyone would like me to review the other cups in comparison to the fleurcup let me know.

Sorry this post is so long!!
Tags: endometriosis, fleurcup, heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, lunette, mooncup (uk), success stories
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