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Inside out cups...will cups hold up?

Hi all.

I'm finishing out cycle 3 with using mc and I'm trying to "work" the cups I have to get past the learning curve and figure out what I need. I've figured out that I have a low and dangling cervix. So far what has worked best for me is my Large sckoon cup inside out, Large lunette inside out is the next best. When I insert the Sckoon inside out it feels like it's all squashed in there, but it must get its shape back as it fills up, because it seems to work well without leaking.

The Sckoon has angled holes whereas the Lunette's are straight. I'm concerned that using the Sckoon inside out might eventually damage the holes by putting a lot of pressure where it wasn't designed to withstand it.

What do you think? What has your experience been? Do the cups hold up OK when they're consistently used inside out? Do some work better than others? Are some known or recommended not to be used inside out? Do the types of holes (angled vs. straight) make a difference?

I'm trying to decide if the Sckoon inside out can work for me or if I should keep trying for something that I can use right side out (I'm leaning towards Large Si-bell for heavy days and probably an Eco-cup for lighter days).

Thanks for your thoughts!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, cervix position, inside-out, lunette, meluna, popping open, sckoon, si-bell

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