noor (phoenixnoor) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Stem irritation.

Hi everyone.

Bit of background - 23 years old, live in England and use the mooncup size A. Though by rules I should use a size B I feel more comfortable with the larger one. Started a long distance relationship three months ago, had no sexual intercourse since and have used mooncuo for the last 7 months.

When I was in a relationship I had absolutely no problems. Since I've been in a LDR the stem of my mooncup irritates me. I cut it half way and it helped a little but I really don't want to cut it all the way. I actually bought a size B to use on my less heavier days and cut all the stem off so now it doesn't irritate me, but I find it incredibly hard to take it out.

And I'm also baffled as to why this only started irritating me when I stopped having sex.

Any help and suggestion appreciated!!
Tags: chafing/irritation, mooncup (uk)

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