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Hey guys. I've been lurking here on and off for quite a while (almost a year, I think!). I got a Skooncup (small) a while ago and this month I had the time and privacy to give it a try. Insertion was easy, removal was not. Details behind the cut because I am generally excessively verbose (sorry).

Background/cycle info: I'm a 26 year old virgin. I tried tampons 12-ish years ago and found them very drying. I gave up because they just weren't comfortable. My period is really light so I was always removing the tampon before it was full (a regular... I didn't know about/have access to light tampons), and it just felt bad. Nowadays I use Always Infinity pads. I usually only need 3 pads per day except for the first day or so when I might need 4. I go overnight easily, mostly because I sleep on my side. Morning flood can be an issue.

I am a virgin. I have a little experience inserting *ahem* things... but to say I have to be relaxed is an understatement. I need a lot of lube and nothing very thick... say, 2 fingers at most, and I *really* have to work up to it.

Okay, background finished.

Insertion was okay. I used a 7 fold. The little bit of lubrication made a difference (I failed a dry run a while ago, but was not surprised about that either). No issues getting the cup to pop. It quickly moved up and was quite comfortable, I couldn't feel it at all. I had some (mild) cramping, which is unusual for me.

I went to change it about 4 hours after insertion. First I had trouble getting hold of the stem. I tried inserting a finger to release the suction and try to pull down from the rim... no dice. That just pushed it further up. It took a *lot* of bearing down to get the stem far enough out that I could hold it with thumb and finger. Even after I had hold of it, the stem is so stretchy I lost it a couple of times, a couple other times I snapped myself with it.

I had to keep bearing down, hard, to be able to pull it out enough to pinch and pull on the bottom, and then I could  release the suction. If I stopped bearing down at all, the cup would slip back up and undo the progress. I couldn't get the cup far enough down from sitting on the toilet, squatting or standing with one leg up. I ended up sitting on the floor leaned back, legs bent and spread, feet on the floor. I only used the stem very briefly when I could reach and *almost* reach the bell of the cup anyway. Otherwise it just stretched, frustrated me (so I'd tense up, stop bearing down) and frequently slipped from my fingers and snapped back (ow).

After I was able to get a firm hold on the bottom, removal was easy and painless - I got the rocking motion to get the rim out and I didn't have issues with spill or snapping or anything. At that point, however, I felt so dry inside that the last thing I wanted to do was put anything in, including the cup.

tldr; the stem was really stretchy and almost useless until I could *almost* reach the bell of the cup. I had to bear down hard, for a long time, from a partly-reclined position to get the bottom of the cup enough to release the suction. After removal I was really dry inside and knew that reinserting the cup would hurt.

Suggestions? Tips?

- I seem to have a long vagina, I can't touch my cervix (I'm also heavy, so could it be that there is too much flesh externally to allow my fingers to get deep enough?). What am I missing when it comes to reaching the cup to pull it out?

- I noticed when I removed the cup that the holes all had stuff in them. Is that normal? I don't know if they were blocked per se, though i suppose they could be blocked "enough". What are the good ways to open those up?

- How do I deal with reinserting when I am, at that point, really dry? I don't really want to have to carry around lube (water doesn't seem to work).

Thanks guys, sorry for my verbosity.
Tags: cramps, first time use, lubricant, removal, removal - painful or problems, sckoon, sckooncup, seal & suction, sizes/size issues, stem length/trimming, virginity

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