briansgurl (briansgurl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

low cervix troubles

hello ladies. ive been wearing menstrual cups since august. I bought a large sckoon because im 26 with 2 kids and had 2 C-sections. no matter what I do the sckoon cup leaks.i assumed it was because sckoon is so soft and I do a lot of yoga so my pelvic muscles could be too tight. I did further research and found that my cervix most likely sits inside the cup since its very low. I did more research and found 3 good cups for low cervixes....the meluna mini size medium, the eco cup 2 and lybera....but none of these cups are available to me in the unites states. I wrote meluna with no response and I wrote eco cup today but its so frustrating to know these cups will best suit me but I cant order them. does anyone in the u.s know how to order any of these. am I missing something here?
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