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Newbie with a leak! Please help with this learning curve!

Hello - first off thanks for all of the helpful comments! I am really amazed at how nice & helpful everyone on here is, esp. when discussing one of the most personal places and moments in the month!

Background: saw an interesting post, got period, went to Wholefoods one option avail = Diva Cup, bought it
Me: 35, non virgin, no kids, heavy flow

I spent 3 days in my home trying to get this down & I am super frustrated. I do not want to use tampons but crikey this seems overly complicated!

I have read the comments re: ignoring the twist (good bc mine doesn't want to twist once inside), I have checked that it's open and I have gotten that down but I leak! Boy am I leaking - but its also catching some which is perplexing - how can it get some but still leak?? I don't think this is that the sides or vagjayjay was drippy inside - this is an all out hose down. I forced myself to go to work the 4th day but gave up halfway through & just took it out - and I cant tell (like with a tampon) if its leaking or I am just paranoid - in this case it's a little of both. It seems to work overnight - maybe because I am lying down. I am forcing myself to wear it and not give up buuutttt: sitting down = leak, standing = leak, sitting here typing this = leak (maybe- this might just be paranoia) and now I am frustrated & feeling like I don't know how to use my MC or vag correctly!

I have tried: twisting (which I thought something was wrong because I cannot twist it 360, ever) just tried several folds, clearing holes, using finger to ensure it's open without indentations, bearing down while inserting, using muscles to grab & pull up, etc. and yet still I am leaking. Tried reinserting (nearly all morning at work and every evening when I get home I put it back in in the shower leak several times (reinsert each time) then go to bed (no problems overnight - SO weird - then reinsert in the am and leak before I am even done applying makeup!

For full disclosure even though I am 35 I never attempted a cervix hunt - I think I have found it but no totally sure if I hit the "nose"... sometimes it has felt like the pulley is too long (probably incorrectly inserted as I have tried not going too far up, way far up, aiming in different directions, etc. but I don't mind the size/length of the diva cup (occasionally feel a slight cramping but that was experienced with tampons so thinking vag just doesn't like this time overall - me either) only that it keeps freaking leaking! I know there's a "learning curve" but omgosh!
PS I would prefer to figure this out with this one cup before buying a bunch of different ones, these aren't that cheap and so wish the post I read had listed a link to this forum!! Anyway, anyone with helpful advice or info - -> Please help!
Tags: divacup, first time use, leakage & spotting

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