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Yuuki, Fleur and Sckoon for a newbie.

Hello fellow cuppers.

I'm brand new to the world of cups. I discovered them while trying to find ways to manage my period when I go hiking next year.

Looking at all the charts I believe I have narrowed my choice down to either a large Fleurcup, Large Yuuki Soft or Large Sckoon. I will probably buy a smaller cup as well in the future, most likely a Lunette. I have looked through most of the relevant tags here and read so many different posts and faqs - I'm pretty sure I have a decent idea of my needs and possible issues.

As I live in Australia, it is very difficult (nearly impossible) find any cups in store, locally, so I have never been able to even hold a cup. I'm rather curious how each of these compare to each other practically. As I said, I've read all the charts but I was after some personal experience from those who have used more than one of these. They are all different shapes and slightly different sizes, with different stem lengths and I was wondering if any of these differences had a huge impact on whether a cup worked for you - what made you chose one over the other?

While at the moment money is not a huge issue, I would rather not have to buy all three at once. I know I can get the fleurs cheap now, feminine wear have a 10% off sale, and I can get all the Yuuki's pretty cheaply with free postage from ebay (that's if they're genuine - I've seen no feedback to say they're not; and the seller name is 'yuukicup' [maybe just another play to make the fraudulent seem genuine]). Unless anyone knows of another store that can do even better prices and still ship to Australia at a decent price. Amazon seem to have some excellent deals sometimes but usually some ridiculous postage cost attached.

Just a bit of personal information, I'm 23, a virgin (although my hymen seems a bit stretched from sport, hiking and tampon use), my cervix seems to sit at 8-9cms during ovulation and anywhere between 4 and 7 cms during my heaviest days. My middle finger is just on 7cms long, and I can just reach my cervix while bearing down a little, and taking into account how much of my finger won't fit in because of the angle 4-7 seems a pretty accurate estimate and makes it very much easier to chose a cup.
I consider my flow pretty heavy during the first 72 hours, I can fill a regular tampon (up to 11g) in four hours, and a super tampon (14g) in 6-7 hours. The next two to three days are moderate bleeding (I change a regualar tampon every 5 hours and it is not quite full, maybe another hour of use in it) fading into very light, to spotting and residual. Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks for sharing and for any advice; maybe there's something out there I had not considered.

Tags: age, brand comparisons, buying decisions, cervix position, first time use, fleurcup, hymen, lunette, sckoon, sckooncup, sizes/size issues, travel, where to buy, yuuki
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