trainnerd (trainnerd) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Difficulty breaking suction

Hi all, I have searched past posts and just cant seem to find an answer to my problems.

I'm a teen virgin and have just started with the MoonCup size B and it is working alright with no problem inserting into the right place and no leaks until I try to remove it. I just cant break the suction from pinching the base so have ended up pulling it down until I can reach a finger to the rim to let the air in, which is rather uncomfortable as once suction is released most of the contents have been squashed out. Could this be to do with the small holes in the mooncup? What can I do to sort this?

I'm also wondering if the cup is too big. I'm rather small and tight and haven't yet filled the cup in 8 hours so would a smaller one, perhaps the fleurcup in small, be better for me?

I really want to get the hang of this as its so much more efficient than the alternatives.
Tags: mooncup (uk), removal, sizes/size issues
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