90subaru (90subaru) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Yuuki cup?

I've been having trouble with my account. Sorry to post a new thread but the other is sort of buried.
The "totally free" sample that I was supposed to be sent turned out to need $50 for shipping (!). I could kick myself now because I bought the same knockoff on EBay for $10.50(free ship) but after reading about chemical smells and such I am not too sure about using it. I am almost hoping it gets lost so I can be refunded. I have a $23 credit on amazon and saw that Yuuki was $25 for 2, a soft and a classic or a small and large. Has anyone had issues with yuuki? I apparently have a high cervix and the yuuki length seems good. As well as capacity.
Thoughts? Or is there some better on amazon?
Tags: yuuki

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