super top secret (7deadlysins) wrote in menstrual_cups,
super top secret

comparison pictures: small sckoon, small mooncup, large fleur

Hello everybody,

I just received my new Fleur cup in the mail today, and I thought I'd take some pictures for y'all :)

left to right: small Sckoon, small (size B) Mooncup, large Fleur
The Mooncup is "Glad Rags" brand from, not a Keeper/Mooncup UK (I'm not sure if there's much a difference)

This time with the Sckoon & Fleur side by side

Fleur & Sckoon

Fleur & Mooncup

Sckoon & Mooncup

These 3 pictures are the same amount of water in each cup. I filled the Mooncup up to the vent holes (which are farther down than on the other 2 cups), then poured it into the Sckoon, then poured it into the Fleur. I added an arrow to mark the water level since the photos lost some sharpness when I resized them. :)
Tags: brand comparisons, fleurcup, keeper moon cup, mooncup (uk), sckoon, sckooncup
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