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04 March 2014 @ 11:07 am
Hi everyone,
25 yo female, never given birth. I've been lurking around here forever. I finally decided to jump into the menstrual cup world following my decision to discontinue hormonal birth control. My periods without HBC are much heavier, and tampons are a nuisance.

I bought a Diva Cup in Size 1 yesterday. I'm currently having my period. My first insertion and removal yesterday were not too difficult. I didn't have any leaking other than what I assume was a bit of residual blood when I wiped after peeing.

This morning, not so great. I tried to remove it while squatting in the tub, but every time I reached for it, it felt like I pushed it further up there. I could barely reach the stem, let alone the base. The cup's stem was basically blocked by my pubic bone, making it very difficult to get at. After a few tries and a few breaks to calm myself down, I finally got it out. I'm having the same issues trying to remove it a few minutes ago, and decided to step away from it for a few hours.

I really don't want to give up on this, because I love everything about it besides the removal process. Is my cervix just super high? Will removal get easier over time? Is my vagina just a weird shape? I really don't want to have to send my SO up there after it with pliers...
super top secret7deadlysins on March 4th, 2014 04:33 pm (UTC)
maybe you just need a different shape/size? you can still use the "large" size if you've never given birth, and if you have a high cervix the little extra length might help? also, the diva cup is kind of pointy, maybe more of a bell-shaped cup like the sckoon or fleurcup would work better for you? then again, maybe not, if you're having trouble reaching the bottom of it... could it be that you just accidentally trimmed the stem too short on the diva cup? it's my understanding that the cup will "travel" upwards to sit around your cervix, no matter where you initially place it.

i had problems with insertion and removal with my first cup (mooncup) as well, switching to a different brand helped a lot for me. :) you probably just need to find one that works a little better with your body shape!

hopefully somebody else here who's more knowledgeable can chime in as well :)

Edited at 2014-03-04 04:34 pm (UTC)