sammie_strange (sammie_strange) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking Issues (Trying not to Give up!)

Let me drop some stats on you real quick. 21. Never had kids. Nonvirgin.
I researched menstrual cups for days and fell in love. Inserting it, I can't even tell I have one in! I love everything about the Diva Cup. Did a dry run the day before my period started and everything worked great. No leaking at all! However, Days 2 and 3 (currently day 3) I have been leaking EVERYWHERE. I am pretty sure it has sealed, since I will do a check and not feel any indents. Last time, I pushed the front wall of my vagina and heard the suction. Was pretty sure it was good to go! Alas, it leaks everywhere at night. I'm not sure whats going wrong. I love the diva cup and it solves about a million problems for me, so I don't want to give up! But I am getting quite discouraged.
Tags: first time use, leakage & spotting
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