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Smaller cup manufacturers - how can we be sure of safety?

I'm not trying to scaremonger, I'm really not! It's just something I'm curious about, especially on the back of worries about the safety of the dyes used for coloured cups.

So... how can we be sure that any given cup is completely safe to use? I'm talking mostly about the smaller manufacturers, especially those outside of the US, Canada and EU (where product safety regulations are generally much stricter). Many of these smaller cup manufacturers either don't have websites or don't really put any information on them, and quite a few are (in my experience) not so good at answering e-mails. Compare that with more mainstream companies - like Meluna, for example - who are absolutely on top of safety testing and amazingly forthcoming about their products; always ready with full data for every part of their manufacturing process if you send them an e-mail.

When a (smaller) company gives the customer so little real information, then, how can we know that their cup actually is what they say it is? How can we be sure that their 'medical grade silicon' is as good as any other company's; that there are no harmful additives used in the manufacturing process, and no chemical contamination?

I guess I'm thinking particularly about Cuplee here, because I've been having a really hard time finding any information on their cups/manufacturing process/safety testing at all. As much as I like Meluna as a company, their cups never really worked for me - even the soft versions were uncomfortable in the larger sizes that I really need - whereas the Cuplee is so perfect I forget I'm wearing it at all.

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