calandra_lj (calandra_lj) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Broken Ring?

Hello all,
I had a strange accident with my Meluna yesterday. I was removing it as usual - broke the seal, pulled on the ring, and then the ring quite literally came apart under my fingers. Now there's a crack right down the bottom of the ring, it's almost completely split in two but for a tiny sliver of material. (I'll take a picture as soon as I can.) I've looked through the tag, but haven't found anything - so has this, or something like this, ever happened to anyone before? I find it a bit weird that the ring would just break like that.

Also, do you think I should email the company about this? I've read great things about Meluna customer service, but my cup is over a year old, so I don't know if they'd offer me a replacement. (I'm not even sure if I want one. I might just cut off the ring entirely and keep using the cup.)

Thanks in advance! :)


Tags: meluna - soft
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