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Brand new to cups - Very heavy flow - no kids - help please?

Hi there,

I am very happy to have found this awesome journal and trying to read up on everything I can. I have some questions if anyone can help that would be great!

First a bit of background:

I don't have any kids, and I just started using the Instead Soft Cups. The reason I started looking into using cups is because I have a very heavy flow and suffer horribly. The very first day of my period is pure hell. I even try to re-arrange my schedule just so I can stay home, not only are the cramps dreadful, but the flow is so heavy I am terrified of leaving the house.

- TMI Below -

When I am stuck working, I have to use 2 Tampons (1 S+, and S ) at the same time (yes they fit, barely ) as well as a panty liner just in case. I also have to make sure to remove and insert 2 more tampons again at about the 2.5 hour mark to prevent leaks/accidents.

I HATE the idea of using 2 tampons and it is extremely painful(makes my cramps 10x worse) and uncomfortable to insert but I am so desperate to not have to keep running to the bathroom every hour, that this is the only solution I've been able to come up with. On the 2nd day of my period, the flow is much more normal, and I can go about 2.5 hours on just a super tampon and panty liner. On the 3rd day, its almost completely stops and basically just dribbles (1 super can last for up to 6-8hrs) throughout the next 2 days. (5 day period) I can not use birth control pills because I've had horrible side effects and I don't want to go through all that again.

Another issue I have is the smell! I cant stand the idea of smelling like I'm on my period. I am always carrying wet wipes. I am 100% that even with a tampon, there is a smell to it that surfaces every time you move around and the more the tampon fills up. (TMI - sorry I dunno how to hide it) Once in awhile when women walk past me/or leave the washroom, the smell of their period is so strong that Its made me paranoid as hell. (I can't be the only person that smells it ) So I REALLY want something that WONT smell no matter what!

So, I'm trying these Instead cups and so far I find them convenient ( I bought them half way through my last period ) and they seemed to be like a dream when you only have a light period to worry about. They seem to fit fine.

Now, my period is back and just starting to show up, by tomorrow it will be at full force, and I am desperate for this cup to work and save me from the tampon nightmare, but I am very terrified! I am fairly confidant that I know how to insert it so that it works well enough, but having never used it on my heavies flow day I am clueless on these issues:

How often should I change it?

How will I know when I should change it? I've felt this kind of "bubbling" feeling before while wearing it... but 2hrs later and nothing was leaking???

What is the best way to manage potential leaks before, and when they happen?

What are some tips to changing it in a public washroom? Is it better to just empty and re-insert or empty and put in a new one?

Will it smell when its dumped out/stink up the bathroom??

When wearing the cup, will it keep in all odors?

Will a panty liner be enough in case it leaks? (I can't wear pads at work - only panty liners)

OH, and also I find that when I am nervous about it leaking or possibly shifting (even though Im sure its not, I tend to "tense everything up" Will that cause the soft cup to shift in a bad way, or keep it firmly attached? I try to relax but it can be hard at times)

Thank you so much for reading! I can't tell you how exciting it is to be able to talk to other people about this (none of my friends have problem periods and never used cups before)
Its so nice to meet all of you!
Thank you!
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