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Small Fleurcup vs. small Si-bell cup

Hi! I'm trying to figure out which menstrual cup would be best for me to buy, I have never used a menstrual cup before but I've read a ton about it so I feel quite confident as to what I should expect, more or less. I don't have a heavy flow and I have never given birth so I know I need a small one (there's exceptions to this rule but I'm quite tight downstairs). I would like to have the most comfortable cup possible for my particular body and I'm not sure if a firm one would be comfortable.

I want to be able to sleep with the cup in, play sports, chill... Anything. To my understanding, the softest cups are the most comfortable generally? There's a slimmer chance that you can feel it while wearing it. So far I've narrowed it down to the small Fleurcup and the small Si-bell cup. I'm really confused, I've read some saying that there's only a slight difference between the two in firmness but some have said that the Fleurcup is actually quite springy/hard? I don't really know what's up. Could you fill me in about this? Thanks :)

And oh, I've checked and my cervix is placed quite low when I'm on my period. My fingers are super-short (reference: I'm only 5 feet tall, that should give you a picture, between average female adult size and kid size hands) and I have no trouble at all reaching it so any tall cups are out of the question.
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